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The following research has guided an understanding of our social context, Beaver Falls in particular, and the value of living-learning communities as a transformative approach to student learning. It has been used in the formation of the City House mission statement, our goals for the house, and the curriculum used throughout the year.

More than 3 R's: Practicing Community Development in Beaver Falls
by Wendy Van Wyhe

Program Evaluation of City House's Goals and Intended Outcomes
by Stephanie Wilsey

City House: A Response to “Placelessness” Among Geneva College Students
by Wendy Van Wyhe and Bradshaw Frey

Place-Identity in Beaver Falls
by Wendy Van Wyhe

The Evaluation of Student Learning Outcomes: Understanding Impact of Two Christian Living-Learning Communities
by Joe Gasbarre

Higher Education and Civic Engagement: How well are Geneva College Students Prepared for Participation?
by Wendy Van Wyhe



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